Cibil Services

Cibil Services gives you an access to check the credit history gives you an insight into the Applicants’s financial accountability and his/her track record. This information plays vital role when hiring for a position which has money handling and financial responsibility.

Our credit report of Applicant returns a his/her financial profile along with current/previous addresses, Credit Score, birth date and other additional criminal searches results.

Key Features of Cibil Verification Include:

Account numbers and date of birth masked

Does not affect candidate’s credit score

Only best match results reported

Our Cibil Check Is Ideal For:

1. CPAs

2. Retail staff

3. C-level executives

4. Medical records and billing staff

5. Financial and banking staff

6. Employees responsible for handling money or financial information

Reported Information Includes:

8. Account names

9. Credit limits

10. Late payments

11. Bankruptcies

12. Loans

Verification Turnaround Time:

3 days

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