Academic Verification

Academic Verification

Would you like to verify academic information you receive from applicants? provides an end-to-end degree certificate verification service that checks credentials directly with the Universities and Academic Institutions. It is a curial task for any organization to hire genuine candidates with valid education and authentic degrees. We ensure this rampant process becomes crystal clear for your organisation.  

When we protect you against inconsistent academic claims, we take the extra measures to obtain additional documents from the academic institution to verify if an institution is accredited or not. Our Team researches to find which organization may have provided the false document, to ensure your organisation is secure against the spam of such Applicants.

Our Academic Verification Confirms:

1. Dates of attendance

2. Graduation date

3. Type of degree/diploma/certificate awarded

4. Majors and minors

5. Honors

These Verification Includes:

1. An essential fundamental for screening positions require academic experience and degrees

2. Ability to have a hold on inconsistencies which can be identified through commonly exaggerated information found on candidate applications

Note: Fees may vary for some academic verifications in order to access data.

Verification Turnaround Time:

1 – 5 business days

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